Sunday, June 12, 2011

Digital Painting - Leonardo DiCaprio

I've finished a new digital painting, this one is of Leonardo DiCaprio.  The reference image I used was from a scene near the start of the movie Inception.
Leonardo DiCaprio
I was going to add a background to this image but, like with most of my images, I got sick of working on it towards the end and didn't feel like adding one in.  I kind of like how it looks on a white background though.  I might come back to it at a later stage and add something nicer in.

As previously, I recorded my screen while working on this image.  I've uploaded the video to my YouTube account:

The Inception soundtrack has some great songs, but I don't think any of them really suit this sort of video.  Hopefully it doesn't detract from it too much!  Also, I've added a little surprise at the end of the video.  Enjoy.  ;)

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