Thursday, May 26, 2011

Digital Painting - Ke$ha

I recently finished a picture of the singer Ke$ha.  I was only using a low resolution reference image, so it was just going to be for a bit of practise.  But I liked how it was looking and decided to spend some more time on it.

I really hate drawing hair, and I'm not terribly happy with how it turned out.  There are some other small details I could have added (freckles, etc), but I just got too annoyed with it after the hair.

 I also recorded myself while working on this.  I've uploaded the video to YouTube:

I added a Ke$ha song to the video, but I'm not sure how YouTube will deal with that.  I might take the song off and upload it again, or let it sit for a few days.  Either way, enjoy!

I had also attempted this image in greyscale a few months ago, but abandoned it.  For the fun of it, here is the progress I had made on the earlier version.

Earlier abandoned Ke$ha image.

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